Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have advanced internet

4. If you can create a web or blog using the international language English, why kok soalnya English life company that issued a dollar notabenenya America is also the English language, after creating a web or blog or send a web blog that you have made to google adsense, especially first you already have an email address is cooking nowadays do not have email, kayaking gold in the hammer event is not the only four he he he, a first aja, if I sorted the correct urutanya like this,
a. Create an email first, to make this email in Google aja soalnya dollars that Google is a company he he.
b Create a blog or a web-violent and violent adequately as an article about business, about trade, about education, about the news, about sports, about achievement, about the science of technology, etc.. This is all I submit to you as man kan kemampuanya not the same, right right? he he he I smile, not the grim old later died quickly dah.
c. After that you register in aja. aja choose to sign up now because you just have to list the new or prior permission memperkanalkan is so, you live there easily fill kok.
d. After that you emailed you wait for about 2 - 5 days so, if later there are transfers from adsense you received that you live to the adsense earlier how easy to sign, but if not I received? do not despair because saying the word "many roads to rome" the more you make a good lah.Pokoknya until I received the most desperate end old-old also received.

Doing the good and ugly

man created by God certainly has the material and spiritual needs, here I will discuss about the material. In the case of many of our people are doing a lot of macamnya is so small traders, broker, services, as intelligent human beings in doing what you want to achieve certain successes that have all the processes must be run with our study, indeed, zealous , etc.. The point when we Pingin success that should be good with God, is also good with people. Practice, yes, we have the right intention, honest, trusted, not reduce, not add, have a small sample earning dollars ($) over the internet also required knowledge, and knowledge that we search for people who have advanced this field, steps to earn a living via the Internet is easy, including:
1. Must know a little about computer-thankfulness thankfulness already so advanced.
2. If you can have a computer at home and connected to the Internet in the sense already online, especially now the internet is cheaper. there are 100 thousand packages have been free to use, this must be fulfilled.
3.Harus can create blogs, web, web portal.Dengan or blogs that we write articles, personal stories, family stories, the story of friends, personal experiences, about the world around us, dll.Pokoknya essence of the good only , who do not like ugly so invites hackers, spam, SARA, religion, murder, robbery, terrorist, if not up to the ugly-so ugly that is written will not be dollars but may curse of mankind, can be a sin if you can follow the main ugly. lest ya?.

human history is ugly and the good

Since the ancestors of humans, namely the Prophet Adam AS, who was Prophet Adam AS was alone in the land, the end of the lonely God created Adam is the assistant to a woman that God created Adam from the bone rusuknya, before I continue my Adam was created by God from the land taken from a variety of land have a white ground, black, brown, red, etc.. Then mix the soil stirred dibentuklah a man who is the most perfect beings, that is Prophet Adam AS, then punggunya Adam diusap by God with a single stroke out there a lot of children down a good Adam, berahklag well, have good work pokonya all good, and with good dimudahkan it to run good and in the end it came down that children like this who get happiness in the Lord of Heaven is eternal, then the Lord here is also the second lot of children coming down out of Adam, but unfortunately the second stroke is a man that is not good such as the pickpocket, kill carpenters, corruption, does not mandate, prostitute, rapist, terorist, staple all the ugly, and they do this in dimudahkan ugly until they eventually die, this is the place to have a very chilling with the Fire Lord. So I invite the readers with how we, we included a group which would like the first or the second. To return to my jawabanya all readers.

Knowledge about ki Joko Bodo

according to the story of my friends that jokobodo ki, which is now famous for Paranormal first one is a disciple of Kyai jawa east of the famous who bring the pure teachings of islam, and he took it from Kyai sciences about kesaktian, ki Joko Bodo meaning in indonesian language is a foolish means he has admitted that he is stupid but people with the name of the new society that would cloud the more he believes the same ki Joko Bodo, but it's all I return to each man to choose the way of life Paranormal somehow so, so politicians, so the minister, or so what, All is the responsibility of each, but as conscious beings we are given the form of a god that is a form of life, intellect, mind and we all use it well lest one. Like now, dijaman this modern Indonesian society, especially with the things I believe in - things like jokobodo Ki, ki oblique Pamungkas, Permadi, ponari, etc., what is dibenak Indonesian people like that. What leader in India who gave an example of that phenomenon ini.Semua if I may be so time may not be, which essentially depends on the person and the background itself and that its core may be arranged from sananya by God.

Keris is

Keris is
an object made of a mixture of iron and burned-in at dibentuklah and at an object called a keris.
Keris is a weapon used in the era of yore by kingdoms era Java as a powerful weapon, made by the master (the person who has knowledge ghaip), and kris made by mpu relic has great power, sometimes the strength of a synergy with pemegangnya, there is also the physical strength of the kerisnya, adapula keris supranatural bring strength, and so forth. And in the current object is the keris that dikeramatkan because it is the ancestral heritage, which must be diagungkan, stored in a place apart, given the wewangian, dimandikan with special bath so that the keris is now the object dikeramatkan. But I keris is a normal thing we only depend on confidence, if we believe the keris we have ya, sometimes bringing ghoip power but if we do not believe so, as the things other normal-normal saja.